David’s Celebration of Life

David Howson Yard Doctors Update 

Unfortunately, David passed away in his sleep on February 22nd 2020.  He was loved by all who knew him.  There will be a memorial and celebration of life for him on March 28th at the Cerritos Bahia Yacht club from 12PM until 4PM.

The secular memorial will be from 12PM until 1:30 PM and the celebration will commence from 1:30.  Beverages and tacos will be provided from 1:30 on.  There is limited space inside the club for the memorial.

If you plan to attend it might be standing room only.  His family and close friends welcome your attendance. 

David had so many loyal, loving, caring and appreciative Yard Doctor customers it is impossible to count them.  If you plan to attend please RSVP to the Yard Doctor (562-430-0188) so we can make sure we have enough food for all.

Thank You

Gray Lange (David’s Dad)


To All Customers and Friends,

With our deepest regrets, we are sad to announce that David Howson past away last night(02.22.20).

We appreciate all of your prayers for him and his family.

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Help David Fight Brain Cancer

David Howson loves Fishing

To Customers of Yard Doctors, LLC,

We would like to inform you that David has been diagnosed with brain tumor.

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To make direct donations, please address checks to:
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For further inquiry, please send email to info@yarddoctorlb.com

For the last few weeks he has been suffering from headaches, loss of balance, and back pain. Initially we thought David had suffered a stroke. He had fallen at home and exhibited symptoms similar to those of a stroke which including speech impairment, headaches and a limp in his walk. All test up to this point has come back normal and we were unsure of the cause of his degrading health. After continue headaches David was taken in to get an MRI done and on Wednesday October 23, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

David was admitted to the Los Alamitos Medical Center’s ER where he remained under the care of the staff while undergoing further scans and test. A week later a biopsy was conducted in order to diagnose the nature of the tumor. This biopsy confirmed that the tumor is in fact cancerous and David was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Brain tumor. Due to the to size and aggressive nature of the tumor surgical removal is not an option. David will now undergo a 6 week series of Radiation and Chemotherapy treatments with the goal of shrinking the tumor, extending his life and making it more comfortable.

With all of this in mind we are looking to raise money to help David and his wife Hatti to pay for the medical expenses incurred to this point as well as those associated with chemo and radiation therapy. These funds will also be used to help with any subsequent expenses that may arise from this tragic situation. We thank you all for your support of David in this difficult time.

We Thank You for your support.